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I had a relationship with Melanie for 4 years, he had met at a party in college, I was 20, she was a year younger. Melanie was an attractive girl with long blond hair and green eyes, size 10, 7 5 feet and 32C breasts. She was very shy and reserved girl and I was his first and only date. I had read, stories to share on this site for some time about other children their javtube wives / gf ' s, and that was something I always drive. Mel never thought I would do such a thing, until a month ago when the shit, and I put a finger in the ass. As I finger fucked in the ass, I said, ' I bet if it was a rooster, which he loves, 'she replied, to my surprise,' Oh yes, I feel so great to have two tails . 'I thought, BINGO. When we finished ( and it was still cool), I mentioned about a swing of my club, a friend told him to act in which he had imagination. I was not sure, but after a few days I Maged to persuade them, and booked at the club frid 's visitay night. We arrived at the club and took a deep breath when we entered. Mel was in a tight dress, short black thong and white bra awesome game. Her eyes were red heels and red purse ready. The host greeted us and pured a glass of champagne and led us through the javtube bar. There were a few couples in the THA and some bar and out to the many transitions. After a few glasses of champagne, which began to relax and soon began chatting with a man named Martin. He was older, 42 years, but still handsome and very charming. We explained that we were the first time and looking for a man to join us for a threesome. He agreed and said show us the ropes. We left the bar to javtube the corridors and in one of the games room where a huge bed and a chair on the other side. Mel was in bed, but as soon as Martin entered, he told me to move. 'I'll give it a try, if I may have javtube done in his first, I am. ' I was a little supportrised by the change of attitude, but, as I said and moved to the chair. Melanie Martin moved to her and she started kissing. Then he took off the dress and left her standing in just her panties and bra. He threw her on the bed and took his place between her legs. She pulled her thong and put it in your pocket. 'God, gf pussy looks so javtube good,' he said as he began to lick her pussy freshly waxed. I could not believe what I saw. My girlfriend licked by another human being. He continued working on her pussy with javtube his mouth and fingers occasionally come up for air, to say ' how wet he was' and 'how could not wait to fuck that bitch ' to work. His brazen attitude began to bother me, but at the same time I was so difficult. away from Mel and Fanny put the clothes in a big 8 'cock to reveal. Without even asking, Mel knelt and took the correct length in the neck. I thought, wait a minute if there javtube were bound to do! Mel continuesd Martins suck and deepthroat him even what he never did anything with me. I pulled out my cock and started at the sight of seeing my sweet young girl to take another mans cock jerk in his neck. I was not sure if I could just connect to watch. Then he got up and pushed her onto the bed. Oh God, here it comes, I thought, my girlfriend is about to be fucked by a stranger. Martin lying on his back and Mel worked in the queue. javtube Gradually his enormous member on the left, but soon began to bob up and down on it. Martin grabbed her hips and really started to fuck. then took a towel and went to AA the band gf. I was not sure what was happening, but I enjoyed it like Mel, I never said anything. He looked so hot the other mans cock ride especially now, when she was blindfolded. I wondered if they introduce now, it was my cock inside her. They continued to fuck for a while, when another man entered the room, I was a little scared at the thoughtit was a private room, but Martin gave a thumbs up. 35th saw about the man went straight to bed, took off his clothes and jumped. I froze, I realized the effects of the blindfold off, was the second Hahn does not belong to me! The man offered his cock in my mouth girlfriend and she took it (I think it was) and started sucking him off. It was too late, I masturbate a spectator sitting, as I observed to be fucked Mel Martin and give javtube the other a javtube bj........ more to follow if you want to the extent
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